Thursday, 5 November 2009

Class: JaxDance

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Hip-Hop, Street Dance

Choreographer, Dance College, Dance Company, Dance Studio/School, Dance Wear, Own Choreography, Performances, Private Coaching, Weekly Dance Classes, Workshops

Jax Dance STREET & HIP HOP Dance Classes. GREAT Teacher, GREAT people & COOL Routines! Latest Street & Hip Hop Dance Moves, Wicked Routines & Latest Tunes. Classes for Beginer to Adv, for young ones to adults, whether to learn to dance, keep fit or to perform in Jax Dance Crew.

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Class: Batten-Bettison School of Dance & Drama

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Ballroom, Classical Sequence, Freestyle, Jive (Ballroom), Latin American, Mambo, Modern Ballroom, Pre-School, Rock 'n' Roll, Rock 'n' Roll (Ballroom), Salsa, Tango (Ballroom) Dance

Dance Studio/School, Not Location Based

Dance & Drama school-children & Adults,

Edited: Wed, 4 Nov 2009