Sunday, 28 April 2013

Class: DanceSport Northern Ireland

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DSNI.jpg Dancesport, Latin American, Mixed Social, Modern Ballroom, Rock 'n' Roll, Salsa, Tango (Argentine), Waltz (Old Time) Dance

Event Organiser, Not Location Based, Workshops

DanceSport Northern Ireland is the oldest Dance Organisation in the UK or Ireland that has sole responsibility for the organising, teaching, promotion, development & expansion of social and competitive dance in Northern Ireland.It's a completely independent, democratic, Irish, social, competitive and most of all fun organisation that doesn't ...

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Class: The Jive Club (Norfolk)

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Sandra Boatman and John Scallan Saham Toney, Spooner Row; Norfolk

Jive, Jive (50s & American), Jive (French & Modern) Dance

Dance Studio/School, Private Coaching, Weddings, Weekly Dance Classes, Workshops

The Jive Club (Norfolk) offers modern jive to beginners and improvers in various centres around south west Norfolk.Run by Sandra Boatman and John Scallan, we offer a relaxed evening of tuition and freestyle dance for all levels - you don't need a partner to come along and enjoy!Currently Wednesdays at Saham Toney 8-10pm and Thursdays at Spoon...

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