Thursday, 18 February 2016

Course: Blues BootCamp
Sat 19 Mar

Buckden; Cambridgeshire

Organised by: Sara White's Blues Nites

Jive (French & Modern), Blues, Swing, Tango, Burlesque, Tango (Argentine), Ceroc Dance

Instruction, Course, Weekender, Workshop, Social

Our aim is to meet you at whatever stage on your dance journey that you may already be, and push you harder to take you further.

We'll be working on everything you could possibly need to get you a long way closer to becoming the dancer you want to be. You'll get out of it what you are prepared to put in to it. We'll be working you hard so you can reward yourself with tangible results.

Musicality – opening your mind, training your ear, introducing you to a lifelong symbiotic relationship between the music and the dance.

Technique – drilling the fundamental core skills that provide the platform for dance development, and ridding you of any bad habits and sloppy ways that may have hindered your progress so far.

Spontaneity and Individuality – as dance is a creative art form, we'll be encouraging you to develop beyond a series of cloned moves and into a world of symbiotic movement to music, which lives and breathes in the moment.

Style and Flair – if a job's worth doing, it's worth looking good whi...

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Course: Blissfully Blues
Fri 8 Apr

Sandy; Bedfordshire

Organised by: Sara White's Blues Nites

Jive (French & Modern), Blues, Swing, Tango, Burlesque, Tango (Argentine), Ceroc Dance


Blissfully Blues is a late-night freestyle event aimed at dancers who love to submerge themselves into the very heart of the music they dance to, and allow that delicious state of Blues-Bliss to wash over them...
It's also for those dancers who are taking their first steps away from Modern Jive freestyles and are ready to test the water at a Blues event. The music will be a merger of all that is fresh 'n' funky in modern Blues right through to the more traditional elements you'd expect to hear in a Blues-room - and everything in between.

As always, the hotel will be offering rooms for £50 (£55 with breakfast) if you let them know you are attending the dance event.
Chef will be preparing tasty snacks for us, if you get there before 9.30pm to place your order.
We'll have tea/coffee and sneaky biccies at midnight as well as those all-essential chocolate nibbles throughout the evening that are well-known for assisting Blues Bliss...
The bar will be open til 2am and there is always fresh, iced water on the...

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Short Online CPD Courses for Dance Teachers

Bookings are now being accepted for the courses starting in April 2016.

Check out details here:

Also check out the free articles and information for dance teachers and trainee dance teachers at

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Class: Sara White's Blues Nites
Buckden, Sandy; Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire

Blues, Burlesque, Ceroc, Jive (French & Modern), Swing, Tango, Tango (Argentine) Dance

Dance Studio/School, Demonstrations / Cabaret, Event Organiser, Instructor for Hire, Private Coaching, Weekly Dance Classes, Workshops

Dedicated to bringing you the very best in modern dance. Sara's unique teaching style will propel you to become the dancer you want to be, through the weekly classes,regular workshops and unique freestyle events.

Jive Nites has an enviable reputation as one of the best dance providers around. With a special emphasis on Blues and stylish dance ...

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